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5 Natural Ways to Improve Skin Tone

Our skin can look red for lots of reasons.  I once got bit by a bug in Missouri and swelled up like a lobster balloon.  Yet, that is irrelevant.  What is relevant is skin tone.  Skin tone is your skin’s natural tone and texture or surface.  Your skin tone gets disrupted by your natural processes (age) as well as things in the environment (pollutants).  Today, we’ll discuss some natural and vegan-friendly ways to counteract nasty skin tone offenders.

1) Licorice

Yes, the same licorice root extract they put in candy can help reduce dark spots and improve skin tone.  Glabridin is one of the more potent ingredients in licorice root found in our blissani Naturals Clear toner to help improve skin tone and reduce the appearance of dark spots.  Additionally, licorice root extract is antimicrobial and will attack bacteria and impurities of the skin which can cause blemishes or affect pigmentation.  Finally, adding to the list of licorice root's benefits of dark spot and bacteria reduction is its anti-inflammatory properties.  Licorice root is thought to be an impactful anti-inflammatory due its Glycyrrhizin content which gives licorice its sweet taste and provides many health benefits.

2) Rose Water

We put a healthy dose of essential Rose Water in our blissani Naturals Vegan Anti-Aging Serums to reduce inflammation.  Did you know you can make your own rose water using (you guessed it) a rose and some hot water?  Check out our recipe below.  Rose Water helps reduce wrinkles and dark spots with its high antioxidant content.  Antioxidants fight off free radicals which can cause skin (cell) damage and signs of early aging.  Also, you’ll find vitamins B and E in Rose Water which can reduce inflammation and lighten dark spots.

how to make homemade rose water by blissani natural skincare

3) Green Tea Extract

It’s not just for tea time anymore, Green Tea Extract can help even skin tone when applied to the face.  We included this in our blissani Naturals Clear Toner with the same idea as licorice root.  It has a really high antioxidant content and ingredients to reduce wrinkles and acne.  It’s a long list of benefits, but the effects of green tea have been studied and show positive results.  Green tea extract can help protect against sun damage, improve blemishes and dark spots.  Due to its high EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate) content, Green Tea is an effective natural remedy for oily skin.  EGCG is a compound which lowers lipid production, and is considered to be the reason Green Tea Extract is a natural oil reducer.

Free Radical vs Antioxidant for skincare by blissani naturals

4) Vitamin C

It seems natural (haha) but Vitamin C can be an effective vegan ally against dark spots.  We like using Vitamin C in our products as it is a natural exfoliant (removes dead skin and debris).  This exfoliant quality can help even your skin tone and reduce dark spots, but Vitamin C may not pair well with AHA (Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids). AHAs are also acidic and too much acid can cause redness.  Unless you’re familiar with layering acids on your face to improve skin tone, we recommend avoiding using AHAs and Vitamin C.  We also recommend avoiding using AHAs with retinol as they do not pair well and can cause irritation.  Vitamin C and retinol do work well together, so if you’re trying to fight dark spots and wrinkles at the same time, a serum with both may work well.  We include both in our Gemma Crema and Very Toney Vegan anti-aging serums.

AHAs do not pair well with Retinol - Hyaluronic Acid does Infographic

5) Retinol

It may surprise you to see Retinol on a list of natural ingredients, yet retinol is primarily Vitamin A1.  It’s mostly extracted from animals, but there are vegan sources or retinol and we use them in our blissani Naturals Anti-Aging Serums.  Retinol is really a powerful and effective natural solution to many skin conditions.  It works for aging and skin tone through its Vitamin A content and its ability add plumpness to the skin which reduces fine lines and wrinkles.  Retinol is a star ingredient in our blissani Naturals Vegan Anti-Aging Serums.


Dark spots can occur for many reasons some of which are genetics, age and scarring.  It's important to remember those spots are a part of us and have their own natural beauty.  However, some of them can get annoying.  If you’re looking to reduce the appearance of dark spots without the use of harsh chemicals with nasty side effects, we suggest giving some of these natural remedies a try.  Let us (and everyone else) know how the results of these ingredients work out for you, and we’ll all learn from each other.  Stay Safe and Stay Well.

gemma crema vegan anti-aging serum by blissani with retinol and hyaluronic acid

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