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Acne: The Hard Truth & Why There is No Cure

     We’d like to tell you the hard truth about acne solutions.  All of them.  No acne solution works for everyone - all the time.  That is simply true, and there is no cure for acne. If you’ve struggled with acne and attempted to use remedies, whether they are over the counter or prescription, you likely found this out on your own.  However, with time and patience you may find an acne remedy that reduces blemishes, and you may find what works for you changes over time.

The Cause

     One reason acne defies a universal solution is the causes of acne differ widely among individuals.  The basic cause of blemishes (zits, pimples, bumps) is too much oil and dead skin in pores cause them to clog and bacteria forms in the clogged pore.  A “bump” is formed by this event and becomes our visible form of acne. On a basic level, we can reduce the frequency of these bumps by keeping the pores clean with natural and laboratory created ingredients.  We can reduce the lifespan of bumps by attacking the bacteria and the clog itself.  We can reduce their visibility by reducing the inflammation caused by the event.  We can prevent future bumps from forming by protecting the pores from clogs.  Yet, if you noticed, at no point did we say we can cure acne.

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A Natural Solution

     The blissani method of natural blemish reduction involves doing all of the above using a combination of natural and laboratory ingredients. Each of our product pages detail exactly how and why (Clear Face Wash, Clear Toner, Clear Spot Treatment) work.  It’s worth noting that all our laboratory ingredients are still derived from natural sources.  It’s important to us to use the most effective natural ingredients available.  We'll go through our natural strategy below and if you still choose to go the DIY route, hopefully, we can give you some tips.

The blissani Method

     Each of our products attack acne at a different phase of the event.  The Clear Face Wash is designed to keep pores free of bacteria and prevent new blemishes from appearing. The Clear Toner is designed to both further clean the pores and reduce the inflammation of currently forming bumps.  The Spot Treatment is intended to reduce the lifespan of existing bumps and prevent bumps from forming in problem areas.  Our goal is to reduce acne in the past, present and future.

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Better for You

     Our products form a powerful botanical remedy for blemishes caused by clogged pores.  Used consistently, many people have found them to be an effective natural alternative to harsh chemicals.  Natural extracts such as white willow extract reduce acne.  Extracts such as witch hazel have a host of additional benefits such as reducing signs of early aging and brightening the skin.  From our point of view, this is the real benefit of natural acne remedies.  Using them to reduce acne is less likely to cause harm than harsh chemicals...natural products are better for your body.

Stay Positive

     There is no cure for acne.  Furthermore, some acne is caused by factors beyond our control.  These include hormones, age (puberty is rough), environmental factors (humidity and pollution), and of course good old fashioned genetics.  Acne can run in our genes, and there is nothing wrong with it.  We don’t just believe in natural acne remedies, we believe in acne positivity.   Your skin is beautiful with bumps, and if you don’t want to pursue any remedy for it, you go for it friend.

Sup Doc? 

     If you're looking to reduce acne and over the counter methods haven’t worked, a great place to start is with your doctor.  Your physician may refer you to a dermatologist, but either way, a medical professional can give you the best advice as to what remedies are available for your acne.  Understanding the cause of your acne may help you find the right medication.  

     If you are looking to try natural remedies to reduce your blemishes, we hope you’ll give us a look.  Our goal with blissani is to make clean beauty products for everyone.  We researched natural acne and blemish remedies for years and ask you to compare our ingredients to celebrity and well known natural beauty brands sold in luxury department stores with prices which are at least two times ours (and in one case...three).  We think you’ll like what you find.  Stay safe and stay well.

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