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Aloe for Skin: Hydration, Healing and Anti-Aging

Aloe Basics

Did you know Aloe Vera is a succulent?  That’s right, it’s very similar to a cactus.  Unlike many succulents which grow in desert climates, the aloe plant favors moist and tropical climates, yet it grows all over the world.  Its viscous gel-like internal juices have been used for thousands of years as a medicinal supplement. 

In fact, this remedy is still prescribed by health care professionals for all sorts of ailments from sunburn to inflammation.  Read on to discover if aloe vera juice extract is right for your natural skin care regimen.

Aloe and Your Skin

The list of Aloe Vera health benefits is long.  Its powerful, natural internal gel contains anti-oxidants, vitamins and amino acids.  At the top of the list are Vitamins C and E which can help clear your skin, improve its appearance, and reduce the signs of aging. 

Aloe Vera also contains a hormone which aids in the healing process to clear up old blemishes and dark spots while zinc and other minerals help heal sunburn and other inflammatory conditions. These claims are backed by a study from the National Institute of Health. Amazingly, all of these benefits are available to even those with the most sensitive skin as Aloe is one of nature’s most gentle skin care remedies.

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Hydrate with Aloe

Hydrate, protect and improve is the motto of aloe vera extract.  The hydration effect comes from the vitamins, as mentioned C and E especially, but Aloe contains other beneficial vitamins as well including B12 and Folic acid.  These combine with the dense water inside of aloe vera extract to give your skin a refreshing drink of well…vitamin water.  The effects of which can be seen over time with daily use.

Aloe Protects

The protection offered by Aloe Vera extract is derived from the presence of  its many anti-oxidants.  Aloe is rich in age-defying anti-oxidants which aid in the battle against free radicals.  As we age, the presence of free radicals can become more common, ultimately, damaging our DNA.  The removal of free radicals is similar to the removal of rust from a pipe.  The more rust you take off, the less rust you’re going to get!

Leave it to Mother Nature to provide us with a natural remedy for sunburn, wrinkles, and blemishes all in one plant.  Just ask a dermatologist, aloe vera has a place in everyone’s natural skin care regimen.

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