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Gram's Garden: The Hibiscus

Introducing Gram's Garden: The moments in our blissani breeze blog where the matriarch of our blissani family describes the plants and flowers in our garden and shares her natural wisdom.  Today she had some thoughts around the hibiscus.  Enjoy.

As I sip my Hibiscus tea, ruminating about living in accordance with nature, I consider how instinctual it is that my family would create a line of natural beauty products. I was raised by parents who survived the depression and lean war years by maintaining a large organic vegetable garden in the backyard. The compost heap was pure gold, filled with organic scraps, cardboard, fish guts, coffee grounds and whatever Ruth Stout suggested. We had a healthy family of worms aerating the soil. I recall cringing in embarrassment as a teenager when my mother requested the hair cuttings from the floor of the beauty parlor following my trim. It is only natural that my children would continue in the tradition of no chemical, no pesticide gardening. Our backyard organic garden provides us with healthy vegetables and beautiful flowers, including a stunning Hibiscus. My grandchildren truly enjoy picking the cherry tomatoes off the vine and popping them straight into their mouth. Natural organic gardening is good for the planet and good for the soul. 

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