Jojoba Oil Skin Benefits for Vegan Skincare

Jojoba Oil Skin Benefits for Vegan Skincare

Jojoba oil is a non-essential fatty acid that’s derived from the seed of the jojoba plant. It’s also known as ‘edible wax’ because it has similar properties to beeswax. We love jojoba oil (and it's been studied heavily) for its ability to replicate the natural oils found in our skin.

This makes it an excellent vegan skincare ingredient and one of the best oils for dry skin and eczema. Keeping reading to learn more about why you should add this versatile skincare product to your routine…

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What is Jojoba Oil?

Jojoba oil is a liquid wax extracted from the seeds of the jojoba plant. It’s very similar to our natural sebum, making it an excellent choice for dry, sensitive, or acne-prone skin types. It’s also highly effective at preventing eczema and psoriasis flare-ups. Some of the benefits of jojoba oil for skin include:

- Soothing and anti-inflammatory properties - making it a great option for sensitive skin types.

- High viscosity that enables it to penetrate the skin deeply.

- Replicates the skin’s natural sebum, making it an excellent choice for dry skin.

- Gentle enough to use on newborns.


Jojoba oil for dry skin and eczema

Jojoba oil has potent anti-inflammatory properties that help calm eczema and psoriasis flare-ups. In fact, it’s often used by dermatologists as an effective eczema treatment.

- If you suffer from eczema, it’s important to choose the right moisturizer. Many soaps, cleansers, and moisturizers contain harsh ingredients that can worsen the condition.

- Look for a jojoba oil-based moisturizer to soothe the itchiness and irritation of eczema.

Alternatively, you can try a cream containing squalene, a natural anti-inflammatory compound found in jojoba oil.

- Jojoba oil is also great for dry skin types. Look for moisturizers containing jojoba oil as the main ingredient.


Jojoba oil for acne

In addition to being a great moisturizer, jojoba oil is also rich in ursolic acid, a natural compound shown to help prevent acne breakouts.

- If you have acne-prone skin, look for a jojoba oil acne treatment. You can also add 2-3 drops of jojoba oil to your regular moisturizer to get the same benefits.

- Make sure you choose 100% pure jojoba oil without any added ingredients. Look for the words ‘cold pressed’ on the bottle to ensure you’re getting the highest quality product.

- It’s also important to note that jojoba oil can increase sun sensitivity. Make sure you’re using sunscreen when you’re outside and that you’re not using excess amounts of jojoba oil.

- Alternatively, you can try applying ursolic acid directly to your skin. Several acne treatment products containing ursolic acid are available to help prevent breakouts. 

We use jojoba oil in our anti-aging serums so you can fight wrinkles and acne at the same time.  Both Very Toney Vegan Anti-Aging Serum and Gemma Crema Vegan Anti-Aging Serum contain a healthy amount of jojoba oil, in an easy to use one-step formula.

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How to use jojoba oil for skin care

Jojoba oil is an excellent addition to any skincare routine. It can be used alone as a moisturizer or mixed with other ingredients such as vitamin E. Here are some ways to use jojoba oil for your skin:

- As a moisturizer: Apply 2-3 drops of jojoba oil to your face after cleansing and toning. Let it sit for a few minutes before applying your other skincare products.

- As a natural face cleanser: Mix 1-2 drops of jojoba oil with 1 teaspoon of baking soda and use it to exfoliate and cleanse your face.

- As a face mask: Mix 1-2 drops of jojoba oil with some almond or oatmeal flour to create a nourishing face mask. - As a face serum: Mix 2-3 drops of jojoba oil with your favourite vitamin E cream for an added boost of antioxidants.


Other benefits of jojoba oil

- Soothes dry and cracked skin from eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions.

- Helps heal scars and reduce stretch marks.

- Helps prevent and treat foot and nail fungus.

- Conditions and strengthens hair.

- Reduces irritation and itching from sunburns.

- Protects against UV damage and other free radicals.

- Can be used to treat acne, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. - Acts as an anti-aging agent.

- Reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

- Can be used as a natural alternative to retinol and other skin brighteners.

- Can be used to remove stubborn makeup.

- Can be used to treat diaper rash and heal cracked nipples.

- Can be used to prevent and treat yeast infections.


Where to buy jojoba oil?

You can find jojoba oil at any health food store or online. It’s a very versatile product and can be used for many purposes. Look for a 100% pure jojoba oil that’s cold pressed for the highest quality product.  you can, of course, find it in Very Toney Anti-Aging for Men and Gemma Crema Vegan Anti-Aging for women.

If you’re vegan, make sure the brand you’re buying is 100% vegan and certified cruelty-free. You also want to make sure it doesn’t contain any fillers or harmful ingredients. When buying jojoba oil, keep in mind that a little goes a long way.

A small bottle should last you at least 6 months if used daily. It’s best to store it in a cool, dry place away from light and heat.


Bottom line

Jojoba oil is a must-have for anyone serious about skincare. It’s a gentle yet powerful moisturizer that can be used on everyone from newborns to mature skin.

It can be used as a cleanser, mask, serum, and moisturizer, making it a very versatile product. And it’s non-allergenic and hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin. If you’re looking for a natural skincare product that can be used for all skin types, jojoba oil is an excellent choice.

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