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Licorice Root vs. Acne: Anti-Dark Spot & Anti-Inflammatory


     Licorice root is a natural ally in the fight against dark spots.  In recent years, its popularity as a dark spot remedy has exploded.  The sudden rise in licorice root’s popularity coincides with the realization of many that non-natural or lab created remedies had side effects that made them less attractive.  For example, the popular dark spot corrector hydroquinone has caused side effects such as inflammation, dryness and a burning sensation.  It’s not surprising many people have turned to a more gentle and natural solution such as licorice root to aid in the fight against dark spots.

Double Duty

    Licorice root has dual damage fighting properties.  It can disrupt the process which makes melanin (pigment in the skin) which is responsible for the majority of dark spots we face.  Yet, licorice root doesn’t stop there.  It also helps to remove existing melanin.  Which reduces the appearance of and helps clear dark spots which already exist.  Thus, licorice root has the power to help lighten dark spots and prevent new dark spots from forming.

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     In addition to its dark spot fighting ability, licorice root is also a powerful antioxidant.  Antioxidants fight off free radicals.  Free radicals contribute to signs of aging and their production increases the speed at which signs of aging appear.  By applying licorice root externally, one can battle the time and tide of aging by reducing the presence of free radicals.  This will help reduce the signs of aging as well as keep your skin healthy and forming new cells as it has always done (potentially slowing the signs of age).

The Topper

   Licorice root tops off its list of benefits with anti-inflammation.  Much of the anti-inflammatory effects can be attributed to the flavonoids in licorice root (its what makes black licorice so tasty).  However, there is another molecule in licorice root called “licochalcone A.”  This molecule can disrupt the process which starts inflammation happening, thus preventing inflammation before it starts.

    Licorice root’s host of benefits made it a natural inclusion in our blissani Naturals Clear toner.  Sweep away impurities, reduce inflammation and signs of aging the natural way with our blissani Naturals Clear line.  Each of our natural luxury beauty products is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and non-toxic.


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