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Marigold Extract for Skin: Why it works for Anti-Aging


    Bright orange marigolds are one of our favorite flowers. Their vibrant color and aromatic scent make them a favorite of many.  Growing up, they were always in the front and back of our house.  We passed them every day and smiled when they bloomed, but didn’t realize their potential to help our skin until around five years ago.

     Like all of our favorite plants.  They are native to the area around us.  These marigolds grow naturally in the Americas.  Their extract has been used for (at least) centuries to improve skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.  It is the basis for calendula oil. Its high linoleic acid content is most likely what causes it to be such an excellent anti-inflammatory.

Double Duty

    Anti-inflammatory is great, but particularly helpful to us in our pursuit of more youthful skin is marigold extracts’ high antioxidant content.  Antioxidants fight off free radicals which cause signs of early aging.  These antioxidants can further soothe and calm irritated skin.  Furthermore, the omega-6 fatty acid content.  These wonderful fatty acids get into your skin to provide moisture and nutrients.  

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No...Triple Duty

     To top it all off marigold extract has cleansing properties as well as antiseptic properties.  Thus it can be used to counter fungal and bacterial material on your skin.  Your skin is your largest organ, so it behooves you to take care of it.  This is why we choose to use only our non-toxic, paraben-free made in the USA products.  Both Gemma Crema and Very Toney contain a hefty amount of marigold extract to improve skin without harming your body.

     Clean and natural luxury beauty doesn’t just work, it’s overall better for you.  Toxins are absorbed through the skin.  This is where environmental pollutants enter the picture.  One way to counter the aging effects of environmental pollutants is through high antioxidant anti-aging serums.  These serums can and should be all natural as whatever you put on your skin can and will ultimately end up in your liver.  We suggest you choose a vegan-friendly anti-aging solution if you're the DIY type. Stay safe and stay well!


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