Rose Water and Your Skin : Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Aging

The Basics

     Would a rose by any other name still smell as sweet?  We think yes.  Because roses and rose water can do wonders for your skin.  Rose petals have a natural resistance to microbial attack and anti-bacterial properties to keep your skin fresh and clean.  Obviously, the fragrance is divine. It has the power to reduce inflammation and soothe redness. To top it all off, the anti-oxidant properties in rose water will help reduce signs of aging and prevent wrinkles.

B and E Positive

     The cleansing properties of rose water make it a favorite in many natural face washes and toners.  It is packed full of vitamin B which is great, because a vitamin B deficiency can lead to blemishes and rashes.  Additionally, rose water contains Vitamin E which can reduce inflammation and slow the signs of aging.  Vitamin is E is one of rose water’s many antioxidants.

For Wrinkles

     The anti-aging properties of rose water are mainly attributed to its antioxidant content and toning capabilities.  The antioxidants reduce free radicals which cause or increase signs of aging and affect the collagen process.  The toning capabilities of rose water, and its natural ability to maintain your skin’s ph (oil) balance, make it a favorite in moisturizers and mists.  

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Zits Too

     The anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties of rose water reduce the causes of blemishes such as zits, pimples and red bumps.  Microbes and bacteria can enter your pores and cause clogs.  A clogged pore develops into a blemish as part of your skin’s removal process.  The sebum which forms around the clog develops into a zit.  Removing microbes and bad bacteria will help reduce the frequency of blemishes.

     You can find rose water as an active ingredient in our Very Toney and Gemma Crema Anti-Aging Serums.  They join other natural ingredients such as Aloe, Sunflower Oil and Radish Root to help lift and firm your skin.  More than 20 active botanical ingredients improve the appearance and clarity of your skin while improving elasticity and firmness.  If a whole serum is not your thing, we do hope you’ll pick up some rose water at your local natural food supplier.


If you'd like to try making some home made rose water check out our recipe: 

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