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Sunflower Oil for Skin and Wrinkles

     There is something about sunflowers.  Part of it is the name (which is cool), but the size and vivid colors of the flower evoke a feeling you’re seeing something special.  In fact, you are. 

Sunflowers are a natural miracle and a fantastic source for skin care nutrients and compounds.  It contains vitamins and minerals, but best of all, sunflower oil doesn’t clog pores because it is non-comedogenic.  It is also highly absorbent, so it can transport all of those nutrients deep into your pores.  This makes it an excellent supplement in the effort to use natural ingredients for wrinkles, and it is a common ingredient in the best natural wrinkle creams.

Sunflower Oil Nutrients

     A big part of Sunflower oil’s wrinkle and skin care benefits are related to its high Vitamin E content.  Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and can help protect your skin against harmful ultraviolet rays.  While sunflower oil is not a replacement for sunscreen, its nice to know your moisturize and anti aging creams offer a little protection against the sun.  This is one of the reasons we consider sunflower oil essential to the best natural wrinkle creams.  The high antioxidant content of Vitamin E helps reduce free radicals which can cause signs of early aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.  A high antioxidant serum is a great way to counteract pollutants and toxins (which increase free radicals) in the environment which also cause wrinkles.  Sunflower oil is also packed with linoleic acid.  This is a fatty acid which acts as a natural barrier for your skin.  

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Sunflower Oil and Pores

     Possibly our favorite reason to use sunflower oil in your anti-aging routine is that it is non-comedogenic.  As mentioned, this means it can bring lots of Vitamin E, fatty acid and other nutrients deep into your pores without causing clogs.  This can be important to those using natural and vegan acne treatments.  All of the best vegan acne treatments will involve the use of non-comedogenic carriers to deliver nutrients.  It’s important to remember, regardless of your original goal (improve skin tone, reduce blemishes, stop wrinkles), one treatment can affect another.  For example, if your anti-aging serum is causing blemishes and acne…it is a problem.  This is why we use sunflower oil in our cruetly-free vegan anti-aging serums Gemma Crema and Very Toney.  Both retinol and sunflower oil fall in line with the blissani mission of effective natural ingredients to reduce wrinkles and acne.  So, we included both in our anti-aging products.  Even if acne is not a concern for you, retinol can improve skin tone and sunflower oil can reduce inflammation.

The botanical name the sunflower is Helianthus annuus by blissani vegan skincare

Sunflower Oil and Inflammation

This gets a little tricky as there is some evidence that sunflower oil can actually increase inflammation when taken internally.  However, when taken externally, studies have shown that sunflower oil can reduce surface inflammation.  This is great for skincare in a number of ways.  First, reducing inflammation improves skin tone and reduces redness.  Second, reducing inflammation can reduce the appearance of blemishes, zits and pimples.  Third, reducing inflammation can also reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  Generally, we all know inflammation is bad and we don’t particularly want it.  Sunflower oil helps reduce it.  We may not always be aware of all the issues caused by inflammation, but it does cause (or make worse) many skin problems.  All of our blissani products focus on natural ingredients to reduce inflammation, and you can find DIY tips in our blog.  We don’t think good natural remedies should be kept a secret.  If you’d like to buy our products: Great.  If not, we’re just glad you’re taking care of yourself.


Sunflower oil is great for your skin in many different ways.  The nutrient quality of sunflowers and high antioxidant content make it a “natural” inclusion in your vegan anti-aging or anti-anti acne treatment.  Its natural UV barrier provides a little extra protection from the sun and adds a little boost to your sunscreen.  Applying sunflower oil in a high quality vegan serum can be an effective way to reduce wrinkles and fine lines using natural ingredients.  Until next time friends…Stay safe and stay well.

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