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What is Retinol Anyway? Why it Works for Wrinkles

The Basics

Basically, Retinol is a fancy way of saying Vitamin A.  It is primarily Vitamin A1 that is derived from food and animal sources and can be used as a dietary supplement to treat symptoms of Vitamin A deficiency.

Vegan sources of retinol, such as what is used in our products, include leafy green or deep orange/yellow vegetables and fruits.  Retinol has been around a long time... it was first isolated in the 1930's and has been on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) list of most essential drugs for being highly safe and effective. 

Retinol is used regularly, all over the world, internally and externally to treat a variety of issues.  Yet, our interest is in skin, and retinol has been shown to improve skin tone, complexion as well as reduce wrinkles

How it Helps

Natural beauty makers tend to prize retinol for its ability to add plumpness to skin which diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Retinol reduces wrinkles by penetrating the outer layer of skin (epidermis) to introduce the anti-oxidant effects of Vitamin A which fights off free radicals that prevent healthy elastin and collagen from forming. 

Now free to grow in peace, new elastin and collagen form uninterrupted and return some plumpness to the skin. As this new healthy layer of skin forms, don't forget to exfoliate to remove the old layer of damaged skin.

Key Retinol Benefits - Reduce Wrinkles - Reduce Oily Skin - Brighten Skin Appearance - Warning: It's Strong.

It's Strong

Retinol is considered beneficial to all skin types, however, you should be conscious of the strength of the product you are using as high concentrations of retinol have been known to cause a reaction in some people. 

If you feel or see redness, irritation, or notice flaking it's best to decrease the frequency of application or it may be time to try a more gentle retinol solution.  

Retinol and Acne

Blemish fighting properties are yet another benefit of using retinol in your daily skincare regimen.

Acne and blemishes form when bacteria or foreign particles become trapped beneath your outer layer of skin.  Your body protects itself by covering this foreign particle with sebum and thus a pimple is formed. 

Healthy skin with plump collagen, such as what retinoids encourage, gives foreign particles less places to go and results in less acne. Retinol’s natural anti

-aging properties along with its blemish fighting benefits made it a sure inclusion in our Very Toney and Gemma Crema anti-aging serums.

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