How Often Should I Use Retinol?

     This is a great question.  Here’s the fun part. The answer is going to require a little bit of testing.   You get to be a scientist and test on your skin.  Who doesn’t love that?  Like all good scientists we’re going to start with no data and test into a formula.

Testing 1.2.3...

    Start by using retinol on your skin once or twice a week (separated by at least three days).  Retinol occurs naturally in your body and is primarily Vitamin A1.  You can read more about what retinol is in our blog post “What is Retinol Anyway?”  It might cause your skin to react at first.  Some redness is normal, but if burning or irritation occurs reduce the frequency of your use or choose a product without retinol in it.

Keep Track

    Over time any irritation should occur for shorter durations and reduce in intensity.  Again, follow the same pattern, and listen to your body.  If irritation is continuous, you’ll want to reduce your use.  We suggest using a retinol derived from vegan sources such as you will find in our Very Toney and Gemma Crema Anti-Aging formulas.

Night is Right 

     At first, we suggest using retinol in your nighttime routine.  Retinol can increase your photosensitivity and cause your skin to be more easily damaged in the sun.  If you choose to use retinol during the daytime, we recommend using a non-comedogenic (doesn’t cause acne) sunscreen over it.  

     With a little patience you will be able to enjoy the benefits of retinol at a pace your skin can manage.  Avoiding products which contain toxins and focus on natural ingredients will reduce the likelihood of harsh chemicals causing further irritation.  Try to compliment your retinol use with natural moisturizers.  

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gemma crema with retinol and hyaluronic acid


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