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Üphoric Urth

The Ritual Of Mushroom by Üphoric Urth

The Ritual Of Mushroom by Üphoric Urth

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Fulfilled by our friends at Üphoric Urth

The "Ritual of Mushroom" Discovery Set is the perfect starter care package or wellness gift — for mushroom aficionados and beginners alike. Each luxury 6-piece tincture set includes the following most revered and studied medicinal mushrooms. Each tincture is dual-extracted and crafted to potent perfection. 

Each set includes a Mushroom Recipe Guidebook, and is packaged in a sturdy re-usable gift box as a luxury keepsake to store your tinctures in, travel with, or gift to your favorite wellness friend.

  • 2oz Lion's Mane dual extract
  • 2oz Cordyceps dual extract
  • 2oz Chaga dual extract
  • 2oz Shiitake dual extract
  • 2oz Turkey Tail dual extract
  • 2oz Reishi dual extract
  • Guided Mushroom Book & Recipes

Discover all that forest fungi can do for your physical and mental performance with this essential tincture collection. Uncover wisdom from the woodlands and create your own bespoke tincture blends within the set.

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