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5 Natural Ways to Start Looking Younger Now

That title promises a lot.  So let’s get into it.

  1. Diet

Diets rich in antioxidants like leafy green vegetables will help you lose weight and improve your metabolism, but they can also help you look younger.  Antioxidants prevent free radicals which can more or less cause cell damage.  Foods and serums which are high in natural antioxidants reduce free radicals and signs of early aging (check out video on antioxidants below the article for more info).

foods rich in antioxidants like coffee spinach and chocolate help fight wrinkles with antioxidants

     2.  Retinoids

Number 2 should probably be exercise, but we already talked about diet.  So, just know that exercise can help you look and feel younger in the same way as your diet, and we don’t wanna get preachy so…Anywho…Retinoids. Retinol is basically Vitamin A1.  There are Vegan sources of retinol and we have them in our Very Toney and Gemma Crema Anti-Aging Serums.  Retinol has been heavily studied and it works.  It pairs well with hyaluronic acid (which our serums also have) and not so well with Alpha-Hydroxy Acids.


      3.  Use a Gentle Face Wash

Maybe we should start by saying.  Use a face wash.  Not soap.  That may seem obvious to the beauty inclined, but there are men reading this.  Seriously dude, stop using soap on your face.  Next, choose a face wash which is only as strong as you need.  We formulated our blissani Naturals Face Wash for people who are blemish-prone. It’s as gentle as possible, while still being effective against zits and redness. 

Yet, if you are not blemish-prone, you can go even more gentle.  Try looking into making your own with lavender, natural oils and chamomile tea.  Choose a face wash which will disrupt your body’s natural processes as little as possible.

     4.  Upgrade your Sunscreen

Because you’re looking at this, we’re going to assume you’re interested in anti-aging.  Which means your morning routine should be face wash - natural toner - moisturizer with sunscreen.  The face wash strips away the bad stuff. The toner makes sure and adds some good stuff.  The moisturizer adds some more good stuff and protects with sunscreen. 

Our anti-aging serums are designed to be used at night because they contain a powerful anti-aging vegan version of retinol.  Retinol can increase your sensitivity to sunlight, but some customers use it during the day and put sunscreen over it.  It's your call, but wear sunscreen either way.

     5.  Exfoliate

Exfoliation is the process of dead skin removal.  This process can be done chemically (with natural ingredients…like in our toner), or it can be done with a scrub.  Whichever method you choose, exfoliation should be done at least weekly (probably daily).  You can’t have dead skin all over your face when Ronnie comes over for the big dance.  The exfoliation process will also open up your cells and get them ready for more of that good stuff like jojoba oil and Aloe in our Very Toney and Gemma Crema serums….Just Sayin.

Until next time friends stay safe and stay well.

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