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Natural Ingredients to Reduce Acne

     Living with acne can be hard, and many people seek remedies. It helps to have some basic knowledge around acne and it’s causes.  There are many great prescription options as well as over the counter medications.  However, the side effects of these lead people to seek a more natural and holistic remedy.

The Why?

     To reduce blemishes, we’ll need to reduce the cause of those blemishes.  Some causes of acne are internal, and it’s best to speak to a doctor about serious cases.  Still, many blemishes are caused by bacteria or debris getting into the pores.  So, a natural face wash will be the first key to a natural acne reducing routine.  

Common causes of persistent acne infographic by blissani natural skincare

Getting Clean

     There are some uncommon natural methods to wash and reduce debris in your pores such as egg whites, honey and milk.  Yet, more common ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, witch hazel and bentonite clay will also help clear your pores.  Bentonite clay works great as a mask and apple cider vinegar is probably in your cupboard.  We love witch hazel for our second step which is Toning.

Tighten Up

     Once you have cleansed your face you’ll want to tone it.  In skincare, toning refers to the process of tightening (or making the pores smaller) to prevent debris and bacteria from getting into pores while improving your skin’s overall appearance.  Witch hazel, even by itself, is a wonderful natural toner.  Licorice root is also a favorite among natural beauty enthusiasts and often used as a toner.  Green tea is great for you on the inside and outside.  We use it in our blissani toner.  

Be the Shield

     Your final step in your natural blemish fighting routine will most likely be protection.  Now that your skin is clean, you’ll want to prevent anything else from getting in there.  A non-comedogenic (doesn’t cause acne) sun-screen and/or moisturizer will be essential.  A sun-screen with natural moisturizers is a great choice for the day and a natural moisturizer at night with anti-acne benefits is also a good choice.  Some natural anti-aging products have retinol which may help reduce acne as well.  We use retinol in our all natural anti-aging formulas here at blissani.

     Jojoba oil provides a natural shield and moisture.  It can be found in many natural beauty moisturizers.  At blissani we like to say jojoba oil serves and protects.  Aloe has many natural healing and moisturizing benefits.  It moisturizes to protect the skin and helps cool inflammation caused by existing acne.  Sunflower oil is a great carrier oil and moisturizer to use in a night-time natural moisture routine.  You can find all three of these in our Very Toney and Gemma Crema anti-aging formulas.  

     We’ve told you some of our favorites, but recommend you check out healthline and webmd before experimenting with random ingredients.  Natural ingredients are effective, but really strong in the wrong doses.  So, make sure you do some research and buy your ingredients from a reputable source.

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