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Prevent Under Eye Wrinkles with Natural Ingredients

 It’s one of the first places we see wrinkles.  Right under the eyes.  There you are looking in the mirror and looking back at you are new wrinkles.  You’re still beautiful.  Don’t worry.  You can ignore them and keep on being beautiful with eye wrinkles.  Aging gracefully is an art.  However, if you want to get rid of wrinkles under the eyes with vegan or natural ingredients, we have a few tips for you.

     1) Sunscreen 

     This seems obvious, but think about how you’re applying sunscreen.  Are you really getting under the eyes?  Most of us don’t.  Try to pay special attention to the eye area when applying sunscreen.  This is difficult when we sweat.  Sunscreen or anti-aging ingredients can mix with perspiration and cause irritation to the eyes.  Consider putting on sunscreen after working out or exercising, or put on one layer when working out and a more thorough layer after exercise.

     2) Jojoba Oil

     Jojoba Oil is a wonderful, vegan anti-aging ingredient.  We include it in our vegan anti-aging treatments Very Toney and Gemma Crema by blissani.  Jojoba oil performs double duty in anti-aging.  It can moisturize your skin while shielding it from toxins and pollutants.  It contains a large amount of Vitamin E which provides nutrition to aging skin.  To make Jojoba even more effective in skincare, it’s also been shown to have anti-blemish properties.

Jojoba oil for antiaging and under eye wrinkles includes benefits anti inflammatory anti wrinkle vegan

     3) Topical Vitamin C

     Vitamin C is an important antioxidant in skincare.  We make sure to include it in our blissani vegan skincare collection.  Antioxidants prevent signs of early aging and wrinkles.  They reduce free radicals caused by pollution, diet and age.  Getting vitamin C from your diet is easy.  Everyone knows fruits and veggies are the best source of internal antioxidants.  Yet, getting it on our skin in a topical format is less common.  Choose a natural and vegan anti aging serum which contains Vitamin C as well as other natural antioxidants.

free radical vs antioxidant in antiaging vegan skincare

     4) Retinoids

     Retinol is primarily Vitamin A1.  Its prevalence in anti-aging serum leads people to believe it is a man made ingredient, but retinol is quite natural and already present in your body.  It pairs well with hyaluronic acid and we made sure to include it on our blisani Naturals vegan anti-aging serums.  Much like jojoba oil, retinol has anti-blemish fighting properties.  It is often used in acne treatment and can be part of an effective vegan anti-acne regimen.

     5) Diet

     Diets rich in antioxidants will help prevent under eye wrinkles and a host of other ailments.  Under eye wrinkles are the least of problems a healthy diet can improve.  A healthy diet includes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  If it’s hard for you to get a lot of veggies in your diet, try a smoothie.  Combining fruits and vegetables in a blender in the morning can be a lot more practical than planning five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables a day.  Either way, these nutrients provide the vitamins needed to prevent early aging and are an easy, delicious way to reduce wrinkles under the eyes.

gemma crema vegan antiaging for under eye wrinkles with jojoba oil

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