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Benzoyl Peroxide vs Salicylic Acid : A Natural Perspective


First, we don’t sell benzoyl peroxide.  We’re a natural beauty company.  Second, benzoyl peroxide is probably a better choice for some people suffering from acne.  We want to get that out of the way up front.  It really depends on the type of acne you're suffering from, and studies continue to advance and change the mind of some dermatologists.  It’s confusing and we understand.  My wife and I both deal with acne.


Benzoyl Peroxide:

The big difference between benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid is benzoyl peroxide destroys bacteria and salicylic acid does not.  That’s an oversimplification and I know it, but in my opinion if people want more details than that, they should talk to a doctor.  This is why dermatologists typically prescribe benzoyl peroxide with antibiotics both topical and oral.  Antibiotics are anti-bacterial as well, so benzoyl peroxide is a nice compliment. 

There are different types of acne and if the problem you’re having is related to bacteria, antibiotics and benzoyl peroxide may work better and faster to solve your acne problems than salicylic acid by itself. However, many dermatologists suggest using both benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid may* produce the best results.  

*Notice all the mights and maybes.  Acne is a complicated issue, and it might take some effort to find a solution that works for you.

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Salicylic Acid:

Now, we can finally talk about salicylic acid.  The ingredient we actually sell.  We go through more detail on the origins and effects of salicylic acid in our article White Willow Extract vs Acne.  So, we’ll focus on the effects here.  Salicylic acid is anti-clog. It gets deep into pores and removes clogs.  This is why the antibacterial effects of benzoyl peroxide are a nice compliment to salicylic acid treatments.  In order to counter bacteria in our products (natural), we use anti-bacterial and anti-microbial ingredients such as Rose Water and Red Clover Oil.

Pros and Cons:

This is my opinion as a natural beauty product user.  Benzoyl peroxide worked fastest and best for me when I was younger in combination with salicylic acid.  However, it did dry out my skin and cause irritation.  This is consistent with the side effects noted on webmd.  Furthermore, it is our maxim as a natural beauty provider : Everything you put on your skin can get to your liver.  So, if the need is strong and you really want to get rid of that zit no matter what...Try both.

Salicylic Acid has some side effects as well.  Natural ingredients are strong!  It can cause irritation if you’re allergic or use it too much.  However, it causes less dryness and irritation (in non-allergic) people so it’s often used in anti-acne sensitive skin formulas.  Some people find it’s not as effective for them as benzoyl peroxide products or a combination.

White willow extract blissani natural salicylic acid

Both my wife and I found better results with salicylic acid plus other natural beauty ingredients as we aged.  Natural products are more expensive, so we purchased drugstore acne products prior to going natural. Worth noting hormones change as we age and are a major cause of acne. 

That said, using natural salicylic acid from white willow extract plus other plant extracts to reduce inflammation and bacteria (the benefits of benzoyl peroxide) worked better for us.  Our 11 year old uses our products as a spot treatment and they're working great.  As parents, we prefer he use only natural skincare.  

We found the same results with natural anti-aging and formed our company.  Results may vary.

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Our blissani Naturals Spot Treatment contains a healthy dose of salicylic acid derived from White Willow Extract.

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