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The Best Natural Ingredients to Combat Winter Wrinkles: What You Need to Know

Winter can be a tough time for your skin. The cold air, dry air, and harsh winds can leave your skin feeling dry, tight, and itchy, leaving you with wrinkles and redness. Adding natural ingredients to your skincare routine can help to combat these winter woes, but it can be hard to know which ingredients are best. From natural oils to plant extracts, there are many natural ingredients that can help to reduce wrinkles and keep your skin hydrated and healthy. In this article, you will learn about the best natural ingredients to combat winter wrinkles, and how you can start incorporating them into your skincare routine. Get ready to say goodbye to winter wrinkles and hello to healthy, hydrated skin!

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What Causes Winter Wrinkles?

Winter wrinkles occur when your skin loses its natural hydration and becomes dry and flaky. When your skin is hydrated, it is plump, smooth, and has a healthy glow. But, when your skin is dry, it lacks that plump, youthful appearance. Dry skin is also more susceptible to environmental factors, such as cold weather, UV rays, and pollution, which can cause wrinkles and damage to the skin. When your skin is dry and flaky, the bacteria on your skin is also more likely to grow. This can lead to clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, and acne breakouts. Winter weather can also cause your skin to age more quickly. The cold weather and dry air strips your skin of essential nutrients and minerals, which can cause premature aging.


Natural Oils

One of the best natural ingredients to combat winter wrinkles is natural oils. Oils can help to rehydrate and nourish your skin, as well as prevent premature aging. You can find a variety of oils at your local grocery or health food store. Coconut oil is a great all-rounder for your skin. It contains lauric and capric acids, which can kill bacteria and viruses, making it great for treating acne breakouts. Coconut oil also helps to prevent wrinkles and age spots.

Grape seed oil is another fantastic oil for your skin. It can help to reduce the appearance of dark spots and decrease the signs of aging. It is also high in antioxidants, which can help to prevent oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Jojoba oil is another great option for rehydrating your skin. It mimics the sebum produced by your body, making it a great option for sensitive skin, as it is unlikely to cause breakouts.

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Plant Extracts

Another great natural ingredient for your skin is extracts from various plants. Aloe Vera is a great natural moisturizer that can help to soothe and hydrate your skin, as well as treat acne breakouts. Chamomile and calendula are great natural anti-inflammatories, and can help to reduce redness and calm your skin, as well as treat acne breakouts.

Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C, and can help to combat wrinkles and boost collagen production. They can also reduce redness and calm your skin. Carrots are another great source of vitamin C, as well as beta-carotene, which can help to protect your skin from sun damage. Sage is a natural anti-aging ingredient, and can help to prevent wrinkles and enhance your skin’s elasticity. Rose water is another fantastic plant extract that can help to hydrate your skin and reduce the signs of aging.


Essential Oils

If you’d like to use a natural ingredient that is a bit more potent, essential oils are an excellent choice. Some of the best essential oils to combat winter wrinkles are rose, frankincense, sandalwood, and geranium. Rose essential oil is great for hydrating and protecting your skin, while frankincense essential oil is a powerful anti-aging ingredient that can also reduce the appearance of dark spots. Sandalwood essential oil is great for combating oily skin, and geranium essential oil is a fantastic alternative for people with sensitive skin, as it is gentle and soothing.

There are many different essential oils out there, and it’s important to choose one that suits your skin type. Start with a few drops and work your way up to see which essential oils work best for you. Just keep in mind that essential oils can be more potent than other natural ingredients, so it’s best to dilute them with a carrier oil before applying them to your skin.  We use rose eseential oil and rose water in our blissani line of luxury vegan skincare products.



Antioxidants are essential for preventing wrinkles and keeping your skin young and healthy. They help to neutralize free radicals and reduce the signs of aging, while also protecting your skin from UV damage. Some of the best antioxidants for your skin include goji berries, blueberries, raspberries, acai berries, and blackberries. You can also find some antioxidants in natural oils, such as rosemary oil, which contains high levels of carnosine, as well as sage oil, which contains high levels of gallic acid.

There are also many different vitamins and minerals that you can add to your skin care routine to combat winter wrinkles. Vitamin B and C are great anti-aging ingredients that can help to boost collagen production and reduce skin damage. Vitamin E is another fantastic antioxidant that can help to prevent wrinkles and protect your skin from sun damage. Zinc and iron are two minerals that are essential for healthy skin and can help to prevent wrinkles.


Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a powerful humectant that can help to rehydrate your skin and plump it up. It can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, making it a fantastic ingredient for keeping your skin hydrated. You can find hyaluronic acid in many skincare products, but you can also add it to your skincare routine by drinking water and eating hyaluronic acid-rich foods, such as beans, berries, and citrus fruits. You can also add hyaluronic acid to your skincare routine by using a hyaluronic acid serum.

Hyaluronic acid is a popular skincare ingredient, and you can find it in many different anti-aging serums. It’s important to choose a high-quality serum, as hyaluronic acid serums can be impure. There are also many DIY hyaluronic acid serums out there, which can be a great alternative to expensive skincare products.

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Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy skin, and you can add them to your skin care routine by eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as using natural skincare products that contain vitamins and minerals. Ascorbic acid is a form of vitamin C that is a common ingredient in many skincare products, and it is great for preventing wrinkles and enhancing collagen production.

There are many other vitamins and minerals that are important for healthy skin, such as vitamin A (retinol), vitamin E, zinc, and iron. You can add these vitamins and minerals to your skin care routine by eating foods rich in them, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, and tomatoes. You can also find many skincare products that contain vitamins and minerals, including eye serums, face masks, and moisturizers.


Tips for Incorporating Natural Ingredients into Your Skincare Routine

When you’re incorporating natural ingredients into your skincare routine, it’s important to choose the right ingredients for your skin type. Once you’ve figured out which ingredients are best for you, make sure to use them consistently to see the best results possible. You can also experiment with different ingredients to find what works best for you. You may not see immediate results, but with consistent use, you can expect to see long-lasting effects. In conclusion, you can use these ingredients to protect your skin against the harmful effects of winter weather, as well as combat premature aging and wrinkles. 


Winter is a tough time for your skin, but it doesn’t have to be a struggle. By adding a few natural ingredients to your skincare routine, you can help to protect your skin against the harsh winter weather and prevent premature aging. There are many different ingredients out there, so you can be sure to find one that suits your skin type and works for your skincare routine. With these ingredients, you can have glowing, healthy skin all year round!

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