Unusual Natural Ingredients for Acne

     Here at blissani we prefer ingredients such as lavender oil, aloe and jojoba.  Yet, the desire to reduce acne naturally has led many down strange paths.  This is understandable as prescription and over the counter acne medications can cause side effects.  Excessive dryness and itching are some of the more benign symptoms.  Dizziness, depression and organ damage are the most serious.  So, in the quest for something healthier, people have put yogurt on their face.


    Yes, yogurt.  Which isn’t that crazy when you think about it.   Yogurt contains lactic acid as it’s derived from dairy.  Lactic acid can shrink and tighten your pores.  Tighter pores means smoother looking skin and less blemishes.  Additionally, yogurt contains a healthy dose of Vitamin B for your skin.  Vitamin B (or B2 also known as Riboflavin) contains organic compounds that aid in cell regeneration and skin hydration.  This study seemed to think it worked.


     Stay cool and use ice.  Ice is a cheap and easy way to treat inflamed acne.  Try applying ice directly to a cyst or pimple which has become red and irritated.  About 15 minutes a day for three days should help.  It’s important to not fiddle with the blemish in the time you are not applying ice.  The oil from your hands and other chemicals can further irritate the zit and inflame the blemish all over again.  A little ice for 15 minutes a day, pat dry with a clean towel or tissue, and apply a little bit of natural spot remover.  We’re obviously partial to blissani Naturals Clear Spot Solution, but a little dab of diluted tea tree oil would work for those of you more into DIY remedies.

Typical Acne or blemish cycle - clogged pore - sebum swells - eruption by blissani


     Think Zinc.  Some studies have shown people with lower levels of zinc in their blood have higher levels of acne.  We’d caution everyone to remember that acne has no single cause, but with that said...it’s worth a shot.  Try adding a zinc supplement or multivitamin (which contains zinc) to your diet everyday.  Although this seems an all too simple solution, it is well studied by the National institute of Health.   A few other studies have corroborated these findings, and that’s enough for us to recommend zinc to anyone trying to battle acne naturally.

Fish Oil

     Reduce acne with the power of the superhero known as Omega-3.  You’ve probably heard of Omega-3 oils and their role in heart health.  It's great for reducing inflammation, which can cause acne to look red and swollen.  Omega-3 oils are commonly found in fatty fish, walnuts and chia seeds.  However, if you’re all out of chia seeds, taking a fish oil supplement is a popular way to add more Omega-3 oil to your diet.  You’ll want to make sure you choose a fish oil with a good balance of EPA and DHA.  The recommended guidelines can be found here.  

    Whether you choose to treat acne externally or internally, we appreciate you taking the time to find a natural solution.  We at blissani don’t fault anyone for choosing prescription remedies or over the counter methods, but we are concerned about the side effects they cause.  In both what we eat and what we put on our skin, we prefer natural and organic.  If you’re in search of a three step acne method utilizing all natural ingredients we invite you to check out our blissani Naturals Clear Line.

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